mouschi U2 mini UPS router is a compact and powerful device that provides backup power for your network devices. it has a built-in original 8800mAh battery that can last up to 12hrs depending on your load . it has a DC output that can be switched between 9V and 12V , and a POE port that can be switched between 15V and 24V . This means you can use it with different devices and adjust the voltage according to your needs.
The mouschi U2 mini UPS router is easy to use and install. You just need to connect it to your device and plug it into the wall socket. it will automatically switch to battery mode when the power is cut off, and switch back to AC mode when the power is restored. It also has a LED indicator that shows the battery level and charging status.
mouschi U2 mini UPS is not only backup power source , but also a portable power bank. you can take it with you wherever you go and use it to charge your phone, tablet, or other USB device . it has a sleek and lightweight design that fits in your bag or pocket.

Don’t let a power outage disrupt your network or your work. Order mouschi U2 mini UPS today and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and peace of mind.


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