The mouschi brand was founded and officially registered by Zakaria El Cheikh Hassan, the owner of “Green Way” Foundation, after a long journey in technology trade since 2004 for the sole purpose of assuring quality to consumer at reasonable and fair prices , in addition to a real guarantee of the goods after the sale .

Based on our deep understanding of the importance of information and our keenness on the importance of preserving it, we built mutual trust with the client. We worked on developing our products and improving their quality to keep pace with the products’ efficiencies of the advanced competing companies, then we worked on reducing and simplifying secondary expenses until we reduced prices to outperform our competitors in price after we matched them and outperformed them in price and even in quality and guarantee matters.

These efforts were utterly successful after several cooperation agreements with the largest major factories in the world on the birth of this brand. Our products now lead the largest markets in many countries of the world, relying on the growing confidence of customers, and we hope that this brand will continue to spread and meet the needs of the consumer until it reaches every computer from the huge factories, even the last computer located in the last village on this beautiful blue planet. Our plan to spread is simple, provide the best quality with the best price and products will spread to all parts of the Earth.