Made of pure steel, excellent texture

. Combined with the shape design if traditional steel watches, after more than 100 processes, carefully polished.

HD Retina display

. 1.39-inch large screen (46mm), 454″454 high resolution, bring you a clearer visual experience.

Connect Your Phone

. Connected to the mobile phone, the watch can receive mobile phone text messages, phone calls, message push, weather information, etc…

Built-in rich function

. Heart rate, breathing, exercise mode, music play back, bluetooth calling and other function make your life convenient.

IP68 waterproof

. High-end watch waterproof technology, waterproof in daily life, rainy days, water, shallow water swimming can be worn normally

From 7 to 15 days long battery life

. Large capacity battery, 300mAh capacity for 4-hours continuous play. Daily battery life 7 days, and super – long battery life is more than 15 days.


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